Club Catering

At Buchanan Castle Golf Club, we have more than just a great golf course and lovely walks through the estate. We have a beautiful clubhouse and our resident chef, Phill, is eager to welcome you to visit and sample his cooking.

Phill has worked in various settings over the years. For many years he successfully ran his own restaurant where he enjoyed varying his menus and making his food different and interesting. At Buchanan he has cooked “a special” each week. These have included Salmon en Croute with a white wine sauce, Boeuf Bourguignon, and his very popular Chicken Balmoral. If after golf or a walk through the estate, you just want a light lunch in the clubhouse, you can take the specials away to eat at home. Our sit in price for the specials is £7.50 and to take away £6.50

fish and chips

Currently our opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11.00 till 3.30. Our staff are Covid -19 aware and have worked hard to make our facilities safe. One way systems are in place and tables are two metres apart. Please remember to wear a mask, but if you forget yours, we can sell you one!